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(FREMONT, OH) -  Croghan Colonial Bank President and CEO, Rick Robertson, and wife, Debbie, have been named the United Way of Sandusky County 2012 Campaign Chairs.

Contact Info
United Way of Sandusky County
826 West State Street
Fremont, Ohio 43420

Telephone: 419-334-8938
Fax: 419-334-8930

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees would like to welcome Pat Gerber, Cheryl Hill, Jacquie Wells, and Dan Kissell (not pictured) as our newest members of the United Way of Sandusky County Board of Trustees.

The United Way of Sandusky County’s Board of Trustees is comprised of volunteers from around the community who generously give of their time and talents.  These individuals make all of the policy and funding decisions for United Way and prioritize the ever changing needs of the community to ensure your dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently.

Dorothy Kern, Board Chair
Retired- KF Ventures, Ltd


Rany McCullough, First Vice Chair
Terra State Community College


Cheryl Cotter, Second Vice Chair
Retired - Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities


Royce Kohman, Secretary & Treasurer
Mosser Construction, Inc.


Dinah Dwyer, Past Chair
Whirlpool Corporation - Clyde Division

Kim Gabel, Trustee
Hair Artistry


Pat Gerber, Trustee
Hall & Wylkan

Dr. Jose Hernandez, Trustee
Fremont Ross High School


Cheryl Hill, Trustee
Robert Apling, CPA


Dan Kissell, Trustee
Gibsonburg Middle School and High School


Joe Liszak, Trustee
Community Health Services


David G. Pollock, Trustee
Sandusky County Health Department


Jacquie Wells, Trustee
WSOS Community Action Commission