Change won't happen without you.

Volunteers are needed every day in our community and you can help! There's no one cause for the issues we face — and no single solution. But, when we LIVE UNITED, we can make a real difference.

View the 2016 Volunteer Directory for a listing of volunteer opportunities here in Sandusky County!

Volunteer Spotlight

Donna Thatcher, Executive Director of Sandusky County Habitat For Humanity

”Volunteering in various organizations in Sandusky County has been a great joy to me for 45 years. Upon moving to Fremont in 1970, I quickly learned that Sandusky County has many opportunities for being involved and volunteering was a great way to get acquainted in a new community. For me, while certain volunteer activities lasted for a shorter period according to interests of the family, other opportunities have lasted for most of the 45 years. Among the long-lasting are volunteering at church in various ways, Stonecroft Ministries, Habitat For Humanity and First Call For Help. Serving as a board member for United Way was very enjoyable and presently being on the committee for the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event, annual Sandusky County Cancer Care Fundraiser and mentoring a MOPS group (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) are all very important to me. While none of us can do everything, we can all do something that is important to the community that we call our home. There are many organizations that depend on volunteers and I encourage you to consider getting involved and serving others with your time and efforts.”